Fictional neurodiverse characters

Autism MOC


Big Bang Theory

Brooklyn 99








A note about Terry

  • Trauma from childhood bullying
  • History of Body image issues
  • This stuff is legit and affects him deeply and it just felt weird to leave him out entirely when he does have his own stuff going on. And everybody loves terry so i just wanted to make note of it.

Everything’s Going to be Okay



Not cannonly autistic but shows tons of traits

The Good Doctor


Others, alphabetical:


He def is


Rainman (NOT)

The kid in Umbrella activity starts with an H

Lilo & Stitch

CS: Its earliest origin was as a failed children's book I tried to do back around 1985. I was doing the book on my own time, and came up with a character I thought was really fantastic and unique. It was the prototype for Stitch. He looked a little bit different, but he was pretty much Stitch in personality. I abandoned that because I realized the character was so subtle, there was no way to develop him successfully in 24 or 32 pages. I thought it was going to end up being too subtle, too intellectual. A great deal of writing was going to be needed to support that character, and that's a little bit contrary to a picture book. So it sat on the shelf...Around 1996, Tom Schumacher approached me and asked if I was interested in pitching a story, and so Stitch was revived.

DD: Chris pulled out this character and the story that involved him, which was about an alien who had crash-landed in a forest and the other forest animals who had sort of left it alone.


"I remembered a story from eighteen years before that I had tried to write as a children's book, but had given up on, because I couldn't compress it into a short story format. Over a sushi dinner at the Walt Disney World Swan Resort, I pitched that story -- a tale of a strange forest creature, shunned by all, and unaware of his own origins. Tom liked it, and when he suggested I relocate the tale of the lonely little monster into the human world, Lilo & Stitch was born."

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