Internet Nostalgia

I miss the internet of my early-aughts tween & teen years. Everything was so much more expressive and fun. Now everything is minimalist, monitized wordpress blogs and calendar-driven content creation so as not to anger the algorythmic gods.


And boring.

I don’t want what you’re selling (I’m a disabled millenial, anyway, I don’t have money to buy your shit). I just want to know about YOU. And your life! and your brain!

Take me back to the days of personal websites with sporatically kept blogs and an abundance of cliques and webrings! I wanna see a list of fan buttons on your sidebar and links to silly myspace surveys that will only be read by people who want to put that survey on their own site!

And let’s not forget real FORUMS! Facebook groups B L O W. Discord is fun, but only for real-time discussions. I want discussion boards that clearly shows me what discussions are going on without any algorhythms choosing what I do and do not see. And I want admins who make their own rules and don’t have to beg memebers not to report posts that violate the rules, lest the whole group gets zucced.


Anyway, as part of this nostalgia I’ve been feeling, I decided to go do some internet archeology and try to rebuild my childhood/teenage websites! I’ve spent an unspeakable amount of time with the Wayback Machine and and other related sites, and I’ve got quite a lot of old stuff reconstructed now. Far from perfectly, for sure, but I’m still pleased with what I’ve been able to find/do.

Old Websites

These are presented in chronological order, based on my complete guesses. They should be generally correct-ish, though.

Middle School:
  1. BestHogwarts
  2. Rune Online Magic Community
High School:

Age 15:

  1. Vivant - Emotions v1.1
  2. Under the Spell - v. 2
  4. Float Downstream
  5. See through different eyes + v. 2; Feelin’ the Zen
  6. Elijah Wood & Billy Boyd - Float Downstream
  7. Float Downstream: Wilderness - layout design by Axcelia
  8. All You Need is Love! - Orange Crush

Age 16:

  1. [   sudden assailants   ](

Unknown Age:

  1. Do de do . . . Float Downstream v. 9
  2. Broken Scissors version 2.0 - Celtic Chant
  3. Dame Maggie Smith Fanlisting
College Age
  1. Wonder & Wander
  2. Family Crunch

Old Forums & Social Media

  1. Myspace 2006
  2. Myspace 2008
  3. Deviantart ameya
  4. Deviantart ameyawarde

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